Album: Fuck The White Race (1994)

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Song: Slow Loris - Reprise

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This is some of the Malignant record collection from the early 1990's in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
Monty Blomfield put out various records and CD's but after we did a Queer tour of Melbourne in August of 1994 he unfortunately died from a heroin overdose.
The family were shocked and as a result the record label was sadly taken to the tip, the band Not from There kept their pressings but the rest all went.
Monty played in Noose and from 92-94 I played in a band called Queer with Monty on bass/vocals and Andrew Leavold on drums.
Check Queer here at the Offical Site link, it's great grunge.
Monty originally came from NZ, he was working for Main Roads as a surveyor while going to university and he also was in the Army Reserves as well as trying to get the record label up and running, all round workaholic.
Anything I find to put up has been sitting in cupboards for 20 years.
So they are not forgotten and to remember the fab vision Monty had of all the weird Brisbane bands being out there to hear (: